News & Announcements

January 2016 With the start of the new semester we are joined by new undergraduate research assistants. We welcome Didem, Nehir, Cansu, Özgün and Gönenç!
December 2015 For our research project “Factors Influencing Individual Differences in Stress Reactivity among Young Adults” we have finished the first wave of data collection. We thank all our research assistants for their hard work throughout the procedure and also to the participants for giving...
October 2015 Welcome İpek, Ayşenur, Çağla, Dilara, Emre, Simge, Ahmet, Cemre and Duygu! We have a pretty big team now!
September 2015 We have presented three posters in European Brain Behavior Society Conference, Verona. The titles are as follows: Relationship Between Subjective Well-Being and Cortisol Awakening Response: Moderation by Serotonin Transporter Genotype. (By Simge and Nehir, they contributed equally)...
September 2015 Our Master student Gizem Dedeoğlu is now a research assistant in our department. Congratulations!
Aug 2015 Alev Ecevitoğlu, Ece Zini and Nilay Ateşyakar joined our lab as undergraduate research assistants. Welcome!
July 2015 Our TUBITAK Career Development Grant proposal called “Factors Influencing Individual Differences in Stress Reactivity among Young Adults” got accepted. We will start data collection soon!
June 2015 Simge Kurşuncu and R. Nehir Mavioğlu got accepted to MA Psychological Sciences program in Bogazici University. Now they are also master students in our lab. Congratulations!
June 2015 Our BAP Start Up grant with the title “Investigation of Gene-Environment Interactions Underlying Depression.” got closed, and it was evaluated as successful. Besides building our lab, we have collected data from approximately 100 participants with this grant.
Feb 2015 Our BAP grant proposal called “Environmental Factors and Child Development during Preschool Period” got accepted. The project will be in collaboration with Dr. Feyza Çorapçı and her team from our department.